THE BURLESQUE TOP 50 2009: No. 5


5. Roxi Dlite

“I’m just a kind and humble gal, who just likes to take her clothes off. I’ll continue to strip ‘til the audience throws tomatoes at me. Then, being a savvy business woman, I’ll go in to the ketchup business…”

Roxi Dlite ©D'Arcy Bresson

“Roxi Dlite came out of nowhere a couple years ago with a charm and charisma that is rarely matched. I have great respect for her dedication and enchanting execution of her spectacularly sublime acts.”

Amber Ray

One of Canada’s sexiest exports has made it to No. 5!

If for no other reason, being invited to compete for Reigning Queen of Burlesque at BHoF as your first ever competition, and going on to win First Runner Up, should get you a place on this list! We would believe in her ability based on that fact alone…

We were very much aware of Roxi due to her growing reputation, but it wasn’t until BHoF 2009 that we witnessed true Dlite magic from inches away!

Her ‘Runaway Bride / Diamonds are Forever’ routine is brilliantly put together – it shows her off to perfection. Combining sassy, polished striptease and aerial agility – her natural talent and authority is dazzling. It was a masterclass in technique, charisma, attention to detail, expression and skill; she moved from one discipline to the other seamlessly…

“Yes, she says she’s the smokin’, drinkin’, strippin’ machine, but that finely built machine is well polished and driven to succeed! I love that gal!”

Tanya Cheex

We were delighted to discover that Roxi is also an extremely gifted photographer. Her self-portraits in particular just blow us away. It is easy to pick her images out – they have a distinct style, clarity and tone, and manage to exude softness, warmth and strength all at once.

Roxi is just so exciting. Natural talent is always exciting, because you are eager to see what it will produce next. There is no nervous anticipation or doubt in your mind – whatever she has dreamed up, you know you are in safe and sure hands when Roxi is announced…

More please!


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